It’s “we were”, not “we was”…

January 1, 2009

Right, I’d like to start off by saying – HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Then i’d like to give you some advise about your resolution. Everybody in this world has their own specific style. Their way of acting, their way of talking, their personality, everyone is different. I personally am very blunt, I say things how they are, and couldn’t care less if they are controversial. Also, when I’m posting my blog, my subject generally has nothing to do with the title. Not this time however, nope this time it will do. My subject today is proper speaking.

Now, I am not some grammar freak who only talks in full sentences, but their is a new trend that I have noticed, that kind of really annoys me. And it is when people mix and match their pronouns and pat participles (atleast I think that’s what they’re called). What is this trend with saying “we was” when everyone who has ever so much as visited a school knows that it is “we were”. Why do people deliberatly make themselves sound stupider than they are?  So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the main culprits are chavs, I’m guessing that it is them that started it, and I’m hoping that, with the aid of this post, it will be them that finish it. There really is no need to say things wrongly in order to sound streetwise. Everyone can tell from the multiple piercings and ridiculous clothes that you haven’t got two brain cells to rub together. there really is no need to add in to mix a complete inability to speak properly. Sadly, though, they think there is.

What I don’t understand however, is how it has passed from the chavs in to the ordinary folk. Most people of average or above average intelligence pay attention to these sort of things. They see no need to litter their sentences with “like” and “whatever”. Yet they do use inappropriate verbs when it comes to the past tense. And that’s another thing I don’t get, why is it only the past tense? Because people will readily accept “we was” in to the English language, yet someone would be immediately pinpointed as a foreigner (not that I have anything against foreigners I hasten to add) if they were to use the phrase “we is” or “I are”. If anybody works this out, please, get back to me, because I am confused about the mentality of the average Briton.

So, there, my idea for what your resolution could be. If you have any sense, whatsoever, please – START SPEAKING PROPERLY!


I really am useless

December 17, 2008

So useless in fact, that this is the third time I have had to post as an explanation o why Ive been away. I’ve been away for so long that when I came on I was surprised at the ‘new’ settigns which i realise have probably been there for weeks. Either way I was a bit confused by them at first, but I’m sure i’ll get used to it, either way it means I get a free blog, which is good to do when i’m bored. okay… something to write about? Oh yeah… I have fallen to the drak side. I like… an american TV show. That’s right, ultra british Extrapreneur watches American stuff. The show in question is Heroes, and I must say it is almost as good as Top Gear. In essence, it probably shouldn’t be as good fun to watch as it is, but that’s the story of life I suppose – full of surprises. My favourite character would have to be Sylar, he reminds me a bit of myself  (obviously I’m not actually a serial killer, but I do have a similar psycholgical state) and he just makes me crack up laughing with his quick one-liners. My favourite character used to be Adam monroe, but the iidiot writers decided to kill him off. I’m being very leniant however, and keeping watching depsite the many mistakes they have made this series. i’m not going to list them all, because that would class as a rant, which isn’t my style, at all. I keep my detailed opinions on the show to the Heroes fan forums. Yes I am sad like that. Now, on to more important matters – Top Gear. Much as I have really enjoyed this series, I will admit that it has changed a lot from it’s original format, and I can’t say I’m too impressed. it seems very predictable these days, which isn’t the fun in it. Also, this year it has been a lot more obviously scripted, whereas before it seemed live. However, my love for the show keeps me glued to the screen and I am definitely looking forward to this Sundays vietnam Special, which should be good fun. Anyway, end of post. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog again.

Children in need

November 14, 2008

Heya! Now, i know most of you probably think I’m a heartless scumbag who couldn’t care less about anybody (unless you’ve been directed from my post on the top gear blogs, in which case you think I’m just another fan), but actually Im not. Sure, Im highly opinionated, but that doesnt make me evil. one thing that I do care very strongly about are charities, in particular comic relief, and tonights one – Children in need. I have done my bit – I’m planning to be nice all day! so far so good. I would like to use this space to encourage you to do something for this wonderful charity too. Just post and say what you did, and I will add you to my blogroll (unless it contains indecent content). Please don’t just pretend to have done something, as remember, it won’t be me you’re cheating, but some inncoent child somewhere in the same world that we are living, who has a terrible life. By your giving money you could absolutely make their dreams come true. Every penny counts, so however much you give it could make a huge difference. Please consider it, and remember just how fortunate you are to have such a priviledged life. Thankyou.

You’d be Wrong.

October 21, 2008

If you think that my recent inability to post on my blog was down to computer problems, other commitments, or nothing to write about, well – read the title. No, the real reason that I was off is because, quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered. That’s just what I am like, so sorry. Anyway, if you checked my blog and were thinking of giving up on it, please don’t. I will try to be more active, I care greatly about my readers… yeah right! If it botheres you when some random blogger on the internet doesn’t post for a while then get off this blog and on to a self-help site. I am here for entertainment purposes only, I do not want avid fans who check back every couple of days. What I want is for people to read my blog, have a little laugh about it, or get really annoyed and offended. I am not fussed as to which category you fall under, but the ones who laugh are generally the people that will have friends. However, i am aware as to just how controversial my blog can be, so i’m guessing that those who bother to comment will not be congratulating on my humorous and thoughtful post, but are nore liely to be complaining about my subject choice/ opinion, or slagging me off. Mainly for being over-arrogant, or my having posted a particularly nasty comment on their blog, to get them to come here in the first place. Anyway, that’s all for now, I do have more to right about, but I’m geting ‘Can’t be bothered’ syndrome again, so will post in a couple of days time. Probably.

September 11, 2008

I know I don’t sound like the kind of person who advertises other peoples blogs on my page, people can change. I have negotiated a link exchange with a guy called Bruce McIntire (although to be fair, there wasnt really much negotiation involved, it was more him offering and me saying yes) and his blog As you may have guessed, it’s about cars. So if you like cars and want to get up to date on the latest car news, then that is the link to go to. Bruce was clever enough to realise just how brilliant my blog was and offered a link exchange. Having had a couple of those on my previous blog (now deleted) I checked out his blog, thought it was pretty cool, and more importantly, professional i agreed, as I reckoned it would help get some traffic my way. I was wrong, so far. But still, times change so I’m holding out. So yeah, if you want a good blog about car stuff, that’s the site for you. If you want to read a load of controversial, yet interesting stuff, then stick with my blog 😉

Great Italian Motorcycle display

September 5, 2008

Before any of you start thinking that I am taking the credit for something I didn’t do, I know full well that the following link was given on the Top gear website. I am merely posting it for those of you who don’t check out often enough. it’s a cool video, well worth watching. It’s a Motorcycle performance put on by the Italian Police back in 1950. They are crazy. They are Italian, and the Italians must be the bravest, craziest people on the planet.


The Toyota Prius – a debate

September 2, 2008

Everyone has heard of the Toyota Prius. The supposedly ‘green’ hybrid car that has actually proved to be anything but. It does more damage to the environment, in the long run, than a Land Rover Discovery because all the parts have to be imported, and the mileage is no better than an ordinary diesel. In fact, in most instances it is worse. When you drive it to the limit, it does worse mileage than a BMW M3 – a sports car, and it accelerates so slowly you can hardly feel it. It handles terribly. In fact in the experiment that Top gear did in 2004 it was voted the third worst handling car you could buy. But my debate is nothing to do with what an awful car it is, or the fact that it is a con seeing how uneconomical it is. Oh no, my debate is… how is it pronounced? This is a tough one. I spend a long time of my day watching TV, and as a result I’ve heard it’s name being said quite a few times. But from I am watching, there are two different ways that people pronounce it. There is the pronunciation ‘Pree – us’ or the pronunciation ‘Priy – us’. I have tried to remain neutral on this, as I don’t have anyone to speak to, therefore haven’t had to say it out loud. But when I think it I tend to pronounce it ‘Priy – us’, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that I am wrong. I would like to hear your views on this, and, for the first time I will actually listen to them as I don’t have an opinion on it. So please, post a comment with your preferred pronunciation and I will see which way seems most popular.

                                      ‘Pree – us’ or ‘Priy – us’? You decide

Sorry I’ve been away – forgot to warn you

August 29, 2008

Yh guys, sorry I aint posted in a while, I was on holiday for a while, and it’s none of your business where. Abroad, that’s all I’m saying, for a month. I must say, the driving over there is a nightmare! Cars (which barely look road worthy) regularly overtake 3/4 at a time, regardless of whether or not there is anything coming the other way. And I swear that road signs are only there for decoration, coz no one pays them any attention whatsoever, they don’t even treat them as a guideline. And the great thing is the police just watch it all happen. I saw a family (of 5, including two toddlers) speeding, none of them wearing any helmets on a motorbike built for 1 person, and a small person at that. The policeman just watched them go by, couldn’t care less. Then he pulled someone over, for no discernible reason and was talking to them about something (it was in a different language so I have no idea what). The driver just slipped some money to him, was sent on his way. Also about 2/3 of the cars over there are French, the other third are Fiats. There are a few other cars, Isuzu’s are very popular, as are, for some extraordinary reason, are Ssangyong’s and Dacia’s. I saw a Ssangyong Musso with a Mercedes badge on it, and the driver said it was okay coz a couple of parts were from a Merc. But the worst thing was the hygiene. They just simply havent heard of cleaning standards. If someone walked in to a restaurant and asked if they had a sink to wash their hands, they would die of shock. I know this, because I did ask if I could wash my hands and he gave me this look as if I was mad. Anyway, I’m glad to be back in England, and won’t be leaving again any time soon. See if you guys can guess where I went, first person to get it right will have a mention in my blog for being ‘the saddest blog reader on the internet’ Good Luck!

How are my blog stats doing? Hmmm… not good.

July 20, 2008

I have checked my blog stats and they appear to be raising and falling randomly, and rarely getting what i consider to be a reasonable number. I guess this means I need to freshen up my act (I’ve been putting that off for quite a while). Now, i can’t do anything boring, because even if other people find that sort of thing interesting I do my blog for enjoyment and to spark debate. Plus it would really lower the tone of my blog. I like that feeling you get when you know what you have written has either made people thin, or made them really angry. Yeah, I’m weird like that. An obvious thing for me to do would be for me to come on here more often. So I promise to try. I’m also going to have to start advertising more. There are three ways to do this. One: Spend a couple of hours a day surfing through popular blogs and writing my address in a comment. Two: Get a more popular blog to have my address as a link on their site to help me attract more visitors. Three: Get someone really sad with less of a life than me to do the advertising for me.

I can’t be bothered to do number one, No-one in their right mind is going to help me with number three, so that means two is the most sensible option. If you have a blog which gets around 400-500 hits a day, please leave a comment on this post with your blog address and we can arrange something. I am willing to negotiate, but be warned. I dont deal with money online. Alternatively if someone is willing to do number three I will be really grateful. And I won’t make a refernce to the fact that you have no life…

How I feel about gays

July 3, 2008

Okay. before I write this post, any people who are particularly sensitive on the issue of homosexuals I would advise to stop reading now. This post is going to be very controversial and I don’t want anyone who is easily offended to read it, as I do not wish to upset anybody. Much.

I do not agree with the concept of gays, i find it gross, unnatural and unutterably repulsive. This is because we were meant to be attracted to the opposite gender, we know this as to our genetic make-up. Without wanting to go in to too much detail, different genders were made differently, yet work together during proccesses such as reproduction. That is a life function, something that living beings are able to do (apart from the instances of infertility) yet gays cannot because it involves a proper relationship. Only men and women together can create life. Women and women or men and men cannot. Does that not tell you something. By going with unnatural feelings such as homosexuality you are not fulfilling all 7 off our life processes, therefore are not a normal humanbeing. This is my first point, and probably the reason I find it so disgusting. It repulses me bacuse it is so unnatural and not supposed to be.

Now, I am a well educated person so i do have a basic knowledge of human rights, and am fully aware that there is a humanrights law in place that says you are welcome to ‘love’ whoever you want to and should not be prosecuted because of it. So the law actually punishes people who are mean to gays because of it. Now let me get something straight. The reason the law stands is because of that human rights law that you are able to love whoever you want. So, based on that concept, why is incest punishable by a life sentence?Though i completely disagree with incest aswell, I do not see why it should be considered any more harmful than homosexuality. They are simply going with their very ill-informed and disgusting feelings. Like the gays. So i feel that if the law is going to punsih one of those offences, why not both of them? As far as I’m concerned, both should be regarded with the same contempt.

I don’t dislike the people themselves, i’ve actually found most gays to be quite pleasant and likeable people. it’s just the concept that i think needs doing away with. I am english, and proud to be so, and i feel that gays are a shame to our country and am embarassed as to how many seem to be cropping up all over the place. If someone were to come from say another planet (though I am very cynical as to extra-terrestrial life) I would be very ashamed that whilst getting a view of our country/ planet they would see such goings on. So I reckon it should stop. Full stop.