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March 31, 2008

Ever so sorry I haven’t posted for a while, been busy in ‘real life’. Now I know most people couldn’t care less but for those that do I extend my sincere apologies, and as an apology you can read my blog for free for the next 2 days instead of the usual 5 pounds an hour. Joking! Imagine the loss I’d make! Nah, just kidding you, but I recognise that to keep my ratings up I need to post new and (sometimes) interesting stuff. My being off for a couple of days made my rating take a nose dive. I have to post this just to stop a terrifying amount of chaos when it crashes. Soooooooo, wanna know what I was doing? Well, do ya? Well if you do – tough. that’s my business and I’m not one of those people who have blogs simply so they can post all their private details and tell the whole world what they ate for lunch or what bag they’re gonna choose for their new handbag. I post about proper stuff. Like, say, random words that when you think about it mean you’re no better off knowledge wise than you were before, but atleast you’ve been entertained. Hopefully. Anyway, even I realise that I’m waffling now so I’ll take my leave till tomorrow, when I’ll have even more random rubbish to post. Anyway, like I always say (and no-one ever listens to)¬†– please comment!


A picture for a change

March 28, 2008

For a change I’m not going to have a rant, no, instead I’m going to post a picture. About Top gear, as I like Top Gear. By the way, it probably won’t make much sense unless you have a nintendo WII. They’re MIIs of the Top Gear crew!!!

gosh you lot are boring

March 27, 2008

Am I right in thinking that all of you lot are geeks obsessed with one thing and one thing only? Coz it seems that way. I post on lots of blogs so lots of people must see the link but do they think – that seems interesting and fresh, I may as well check it out, or do they think – I can’t navigate away from this page, I love this blog, there can’t be any blog worth reading other than this. People should try something new, you never know, you may like it. Now obviously the people I’m talking about aren’t going to be the ones reading this for obvious reasons. But I’m sure most of the people who read blogs keep one of your own so I’m going to ask you something, as you will probably know what I am talking about. When you post on other blogs, how many referrers do you get? Compare that to the amount of people who come on to your blogs through other ways, google, other search engines, just happen to type your web address in, etc. I’m sure that the latter gives you far more hits than the first. And this is because people nowadays are just getting so boring! Seriously, they won’t try anything new. You see it on TV all the time, people who are getting in a state about doing something they’ve never tried before. Now some of these things are understandable (like on I’m a Celebrity, where some of the challenges aren’t too desirable) but some are downright pointless. I want to hear your thoughts on this matter, please, post comments, and don’t be afraid of offending me if you have a different opinion, coz as I said in my last post, I think the future would be grim if everyone agreed with everyone. So, be honest and maybe I can get to the bottom of this…

ah, controversy, what do people have against it?

March 26, 2008

I personally love controversy, it’s the difference between us being mindless numbskulls who just agree with everything or us being purposeful beings with the ability to discuss and negotiate. i know what i prefer. However, some people seem to be atking offence at my expressing an opinion on there blogs, I mean come on – logic follows that if you post a rubbish blog, you’re gonna get rubbish comments. Whats the problem, don’t you guys like a bit of constructive criticism? Honestly, people today, anyway, i’m off to insult people’s blogs…

talk about getting the ball rolling…

March 25, 2008

Wow! been up for less than a whole day and already have 93 hits, u guys must be well bored! You juts randomly come to my blog, was only doing it as a tester, think I’ll stick with it! Please, do post comments saying stuff of interest to you and I’ll do posts on those topics- got to keep my readers happy, lol. So…… tell me what you think and what u wanna see! I’m feeling a bit lazy so i think I’ll end this post here, adios!

Funny videos

March 24, 2008

I have a selection of very funny videos that I like, and most people like, so i would love to share them with you. Some are subtle, some are dramatic but all are funny and if you want my advice on how to get the best videos read on: Go to youtube, it’s their job to post videos not mine, if you are after funny videos, what you doing on a blog?¬†that one’s funny though…

Hello world!

March 24, 2008

Hiya, this is my new blog, I had one quite a while ago but things started going wrong and I didnt have time, so here’s my new one, which I hope will be every bit as popular as the first!