Ever so sorry I haven’t posted for a while, been busy in ‘real life’. Now I know most people couldn’t care less but for those that do I extend my sincere apologies, and as an apology you can read my blog for free for the next 2 days instead of the usual 5 pounds an hour. Joking! Imagine the loss I’d make! Nah, just kidding you, but I recognise that to keep my ratings up I need to post new and (sometimes) interesting stuff. My being off for a couple of days made my rating take a nose dive. I have to post this just to stop a terrifying amount of chaos when it crashes. Soooooooo, wanna know what I was doing? Well, do ya? Well if you do – tough. that’s my business and I’m not one of those people who have blogs simply so they can post all their private details and tell the whole world what they ate for lunch or what bag they’re gonna choose for their new handbag. I post about proper stuff. Like, say, random words that when you think about it mean you’re no better off knowledge wise than you were before, but atleast you’ve been entertained. Hopefully. Anyway, even I realise that I’m waffling now so I’ll take my leave till tomorrow, when I’ll have even more random rubbish to post. Anyway, like I always say (and no-one ever listens to) – please comment!


3 Responses to “Sooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrryy”

  1. notinparis Says:

    Nice blog! Glad I can save myself the £5 an hour ;]

  2. inteligensia Says:

    hi,well,blog is a blog,you see..some people do it for fun,to post about their handbag,their lunch..

    just bcoz it doesn’t seems important to you,it doesn’t mean that it’s a thrash.

    Some people like to express what they’re doing in words.Just to write SOMETHING.and if that can make them satisfy AND doesn’t give any effect to us,why we have to complain on that..?

    Plus,if everyone on this world post the same things as you did,your rating will dive like a somersault,be thankful.

    That’s all,thanx


  3. extrapreneur Says:

    It’s okay, i understand some people are desperate to find someone who will listen to them, so they spend their time on the computer. After all – they eveidnetly have no social life, because in real life, nobody wants to hear what you ate for lunch and what you’ve been talking about on msn.

    Also, you call yourself inteligensia, which sounds like intelligent. Yet you spell hello wrong, deliberately obviously, but if you were intelligent you’d realise that it makes you sound babyish and pathetic. Also dive like a somersault is the worst simile ever. By the way – my ratings dive because:

    I never write on here, because I have a life outside my blog, because I don’t have a common topic, because I can never stick to the same subject and because people like you take offence at my comments and posts and never visit the site ever again.

    I don’t actually care about ratings, I only do the blog to cause controversy and because it makes me laugh when people try to guess who I am and get it completely wrong, though it hasnt been happening so much with my new one…

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