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yay!!! And then not so yay…

April 2, 2008

Yay!!! I have finally had my first comment, I am ever so grateful, and out of my gratitude I was going to put their web address on my blogroll, thought I’d check it out for myself. And it is so lucky I did that. No names mentioned, though it’s pretty obvious who it is, but this person seemed to be obsessed with global warming and us wasting our precious money and time to save the planet. Can I just say something – global warming is a lie. A lie. The government have all brainwashed you, to make you suffer without certain electrical and pollution related privileges, so that you can save the planet. Just about understandable if it was for a good and very real cause. But [i]we[/i] are not responsible for global warming. They say that in the next few years our climate will go up by one whole degree, apparently this will be a major disaster. I have my doubts but I do not waste my life studying it. However, what i do know is that only 2% of pollution and other factors that affect global warming is down to us. Now, think about how many people there are on this planet. Billions, and we have managed to contribute a tiny 2% to the problem. Which means that mother nature, the very thing we’re supposed to be protecting, is doing the damage. Sounds to me like she’s on a suicide mission, and when we have pets that are feeling suicidal or are suffering we spend our resources putting them down, in other words murder. for the right reasons ofcourse but still murder. But with the global warming crisis the Earth is doing it her/himself, so we need not feel no guilt. However, I can understand that people are worried as it is our home too. But there isn’t really much we can do. Back to this one degree rise, only 0.02% of a degree will be down to us, and I’m sure that won’t make the slightest bit of difference. So why bother? Simply because the government want to look like they have control, which they don’t by the way. So I say we wash, drive our fast cars, watch TV, and have a jolly good time.