How I feel about gays

Okay. before I write this post, any people who are particularly sensitive on the issue of homosexuals I would advise to stop reading now. This post is going to be very controversial and I don’t want anyone who is easily offended to read it, as I do not wish to upset anybody. Much.

I do not agree with the concept of gays, i find it gross, unnatural and unutterably repulsive. This is because we were meant to be attracted to the opposite gender, we know this as to our genetic make-up. Without wanting to go in to too much detail, different genders were made differently, yet work together during proccesses such as reproduction. That is a life function, something that living beings are able to do (apart from the instances of infertility) yet gays cannot because it involves a proper relationship. Only men and women together can create life. Women and women or men and men cannot. Does that not tell you something. By going with unnatural feelings such as homosexuality you are not fulfilling all 7 off our life processes, therefore are not a normal humanbeing. This is my first point, and probably the reason I find it so disgusting. It repulses me bacuse it is so unnatural and not supposed to be.

Now, I am a well educated person so i do have a basic knowledge of human rights, and am fully aware that there is a humanrights law in place that says you are welcome to ‘love’ whoever you want to and should not be prosecuted because of it. So the law actually punishes people who are mean to gays because of it. Now let me get something straight. The reason the law stands is because of that human rights law that you are able to love whoever you want. So, based on that concept, why is incest punishable by a life sentence?Though i completely disagree with incest aswell, I do not see why it should be considered any more harmful than homosexuality. They are simply going with their very ill-informed and disgusting feelings. Like the gays. So i feel that if the law is going to punsih one of those offences, why not both of them? As far as I’m concerned, both should be regarded with the same contempt.

I don’t dislike the people themselves, i’ve actually found most gays to be quite pleasant and likeable people. it’s just the concept that i think needs doing away with. I am english, and proud to be so, and i feel that gays are a shame to our country and am embarassed as to how many seem to be cropping up all over the place. If someone were to come from say another planet (though I am very cynical as to extra-terrestrial life) I would be very ashamed that whilst getting a view of our country/ planet they would see such goings on. So I reckon it should stop. Full stop.


2 Responses to “How I feel about gays”

  1. extrapreneur Says:

    In answer to the comment that I decided to delete due to unfit content, no, I am not a catholic and yes, i did come up with these ideas from my own head, not someone else putting it in to my head.

  2. D Says:

    well, i respect yr opinion. we’re all entitled to one..

    i personally know a few ppl who happens to be gays.. i have nothing against them at all it’s just that i do not understand how can ppl can be otherwise. but there are lots of them around… it seems very unnatural, ehhh? maybe becos im straight

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