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Sorry I’ve been away – forgot to warn you

August 29, 2008

Yh guys, sorry I aint posted in a while, I was on holiday for a while, and it’s none of your business where. Abroad, that’s all I’m saying, for a month. I must say, the driving over there is a nightmare! Cars (which barely look road worthy) regularly overtake 3/4 at a time, regardless of whether or not there is anything coming the other way. And I swear that road signs are only there for decoration, coz no one pays them any attention whatsoever, they don’t even treat them as a guideline. And the great thing is the police just watch it all happen. I saw a family (of 5, including two toddlers) speeding, none of them wearing any helmets on a motorbike built for 1 person, and a small person at that. The policeman just watched them go by, couldn’t care less. Then he pulled someone over, for no discernible reason and was talking to them about something (it was in a different language so I have no idea what). The driver just slipped some money to him, was sent on his way. Also about 2/3 of the cars over there are French, the other third are Fiats. There are a few other cars, Isuzu’s are very popular, as are, for some extraordinary reason, are Ssangyong’s and Dacia’s. I saw a Ssangyong Musso with a Mercedes badge on it, and the driver said it was okay coz a couple of parts were from a Merc.┬áBut the worst thing was the hygiene. They just simply havent heard of cleaning standards. If someone walked in to a restaurant and asked if they had a sink to wash their hands, they would die of shock. I know this, because I did ask if I could wash my hands and he gave me this look as if I was mad. Anyway, I’m glad to be back in England, and won’t be leaving again any time soon. See if you guys can guess where I went, first person to get it right will have a mention in my blog for being ‘the saddest blog reader on the internet’ Good Luck!