The Toyota Prius – a debate

Everyone has heard of the Toyota Prius. The supposedly ‘green’ hybrid car that has actually proved to be anything but. It does more damage to the environment, in the long run, than a Land Rover Discovery because all the parts have to be imported, and the mileage is no better than an ordinary diesel. In fact, in most instances it is worse. When you drive it to the limit, it does worse mileage than a BMW M3 – a sports car, and it accelerates so slowly you can hardly feel it. It handles terribly. In fact in the experiment that Top gear did in 2004 it was voted the third worst handling car you could buy. But my debate is nothing to do with what an awful car it is, or the fact that it is a con seeing how uneconomical it is. Oh no, my debate is… how is it pronounced? This is a tough one. I spend a long time of my day watching TV, and as a result I’ve heard it’s name being said quite a few times. But from I am watching, there are two different ways that people pronounce it. There is the pronunciation ‘Pree – us’ or the pronunciation ‘Priy – us’. I have tried to remain neutral on this, as I don’t have anyone to speak to, therefore haven’t had to say it out loud. But when I think it I tend to pronounce it ‘Priy – us’, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that I am wrong. I would like to hear your views on this, and, for the first time I will actually listen to them as I don’t have an opinion on it. So please, post a comment with your preferred pronunciation and I will see which way seems most popular.

                                      ‘Pree – us’ or ‘Priy – us’? You decide


One Response to “The Toyota Prius – a debate”

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    Hi there,

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    Let me know if you’re interested.


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