I know I don’t sound like the kind of person who advertises other peoples blogs on my page, people can change. I have negotiated a link exchange with a guy called Bruce McIntire (although to be fair, there wasnt really much negotiation involved, it was more him offering and me saying yes) and his blog As you may have guessed, it’s about cars. So if you like cars and want to get up to date on the latest car news, then that is the link to go to. Bruce was clever enough to realise just how brilliant my blog was and offered a link exchange. Having had a couple of those on my previous blog (now deleted) I checked out his blog, thought it was pretty cool, and more importantly, professional i agreed, as I reckoned it would help get some traffic my way. I was wrong, so far. But still, times change so I’m holding out. So yeah, if you want a good blog about car stuff, that’s the site for you. If you want to read a load of controversial, yet interesting stuff, then stick with my blog 😉


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