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You’d be Wrong.

October 21, 2008

If you think that my recent inability to post on my blog was down to computer problems, other commitments, or nothing to write about, well – read the title. No, the real reason that I was off is because, quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered. That’s just what I am like, so sorry. Anyway, if you checked my blog and were thinking of giving up on it, please don’t. I will try to be more active, I care greatly about my readers… yeah right! If it botheres you when some random blogger on the internet doesn’t post for a while then get off this blog and on to a self-help site. I am here for entertainment purposes only, I do not want avid fans who check back every couple of days. What I want is for people to read my blog, have a little laugh about it, or get really annoyed and offended. I am not fussed as to which category you fall under, but the ones who laugh are generally the people that will have friends. However, i am aware as to just how controversial my blog can be, so i’m guessing that those who bother to comment will not be congratulating on my humorous and thoughtful post, but are nore liely to be complaining about my subject choice/ opinion, or slagging me off. Mainly for being over-arrogant, or my having posted a particularly nasty comment on their blog, to get them to come here in the first place. Anyway, that’s all for now, I do have more to right about, but I’m geting ‘Can’t be bothered’ syndrome again, so will post in a couple of days time. Probably.