Children in need

Heya! Now, i know most of you probably think I’m a heartless scumbag who couldn’t care less about anybody (unless you’ve been directed from my post on the top gear blogs, in which case you think I’m just another fan), but actually Im not. Sure, Im highly opinionated, but that doesnt make me evil. one thing that I do care very strongly about are charities, in particular comic relief, and tonights one – Children in need. I have done my bit – I’m planning to be nice all day! so far so good. I would like to use this space to encourage you to do something for this wonderful charity too. Just post and say what you did, and I will add you to my blogroll (unless it contains indecent content). Please don’t just pretend to have done something, as remember, it won’t be me you’re cheating, but some inncoent child somewhere in the same world that we are living, who has a terrible life. By your giving money you could absolutely make their dreams come true. Every penny counts, so however much you give it could make a huge difference. Please consider it, and remember just how fortunate you are to have such a priviledged life. Thankyou.


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