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I really am useless

December 17, 2008

So useless in fact, that this is the third time I have had to post as an explanation o why Ive been away. I’ve been away for so long that when I came on I was surprised at the ‘new’ settigns which i realise have probably been there for weeks. Either way I was a bit confused by them at first, but I’m sure i’ll get used to it, either way it means I get a free blog, which is good to do when i’m bored. okay… something to write about? Oh yeah… I have fallen to the drak side. I like… an american TV show. That’s right, ultra british Extrapreneur watches American stuff. The show in question is Heroes, and I must say it is almost as good as Top Gear. In essence, it probably shouldn’t be as good fun to watch as it is, but that’s the story of life I suppose – full of surprises. My favourite character would have to be Sylar, he reminds me a bit of myself  (obviously I’m not actually a serial killer, but I do have a similar psycholgical state) and he just makes me crack up laughing with his quick one-liners. My favourite character used to be Adam monroe, but the iidiot writers decided to kill him off. I’m being very leniant however, and keeping watching depsite the many mistakes they have made this series. i’m not going to list them all, because that would class as a rant, which isn’t my style, at all. I keep my detailed opinions on the show to the Heroes fan forums. Yes I am sad like that. Now, on to more important matters – Top Gear. Much as I have really enjoyed this series, I will admit that it has changed a lot from it’s original format, and I can’t say I’m too impressed. it seems very predictable these days, which isn’t the fun in it. Also, this year it has been a lot more obviously scripted, whereas before it seemed live. However, my love for the show keeps me glued to the screen and I am definitely looking forward to this Sundays vietnam Special, which should be good fun. Anyway, end of post. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog again.